Monday, August 10, 2015

7 months!

Seriously, baby, slow down!

LCC is 7 months old now. She still loves her siblings and is striving to be the most chill and happy baby out there. She has 2 teeth, and likes to bite people's fingers. She's working on the whole pincer grip thing to get food from her tray into her mouth, but has had very limited success in that area. She sits up like a pro and is enjoying tummy time more, though she doesn't do a whole lot of moving around yet. She sort of scoots around her crib/the floor on either her belly or her back, and she has sort of taken a break from rolling to focus on her mad sitting and reaching skills. LCC is also experimenting with perspective and frequently enjoys looking at things sideways or upside-down. Bathtime is still a hit, as is her new (to her) jumperoo. She sleeps through some nights, but usually wakes up once (which, compared to Dee through age..3... is fantastic).

According to our bathroom scale, she weighs 18.2 pounds, which means she's gained over a pound in the last month. Yowza.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peas vs Little Cat C

LCC hasn't really shown any interest in eating food, but we've been offering her bits and pieces here and there. Last night we offered her some peas, and she tried to pick them up and eat them. Sort of. She practiced picking them up, and maybe some ended up in her mouth? She made some faces when I actually put one in her mouth, but she was entertained, at least! Most of the peas ended up by her butt, though.

This is an improvement over the piece of peach I let her taste this weekend, where she just looked at me like "WTF, mom? WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THAT IN MY MOUTH?"

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

6 Months Postpartum, and a plan

I'm now 6 months and change postpartum for the third time. I am still suffering from discomfort and, frankly, pain, from the SPD that I had while pregnant with LCC. I've gained back the 5ish pounds of weight I had lost immediately postpartum (which, honestly, just puts me back to where I was a couple months before I fell pregnant). I am sick of living in pain, and I want to get back to where I was before I got pregnant. So I've joined a fitness group on Facebook and hopefully that will help me with the motivation I need to work on this!

Crappy *Before* Pic - weight 144.6 pounds
Here are my goals:
1. Strengthen my core and pelvis and anything that comes along with that is a bonus.
2. Get back on track with healthier eating, by tracking my food so I don't have issues as LCC starts eating solid foods and my milk output decreases.  This is not to say I am counting calories, but I am trying to make sure I get enough fruits and veggies and protein, and enough water.
3. Start being able to run again (which can't happen until my pelvis is back at 100%, because OUCH).

The fitness group challenge runs through the end of October, but I don't plan to stop then. I'd like to at least get #1 and 2 solidly in place by then.