Goals for 2014

Welcome to my Fancy Schmancy List-O-Goals! These are things that I want to accomplish in the coming year. Some are old, some are new, and some are ongoing, and these are in no particular order. Maybe it will inspire you to do some things around your own house or in your own life, and maybe not. Things that are crossed out have been accomplished!

  1. Finish our basement
  2. Redo master bedroom (paint, new bed frame)
  3. Install laminate flooring throughout main level (bedrooms, dining room, living room)
  4. Put new tile in the entryway and kitchen and on the fireplace. 
  5. Replace laminate floor in second bathroom
  6. Get all the data off of our old computers and recycle them
  7. Run or walk at least 300 miles in 2014 (1.5 down...300 to go)
  8. Clean/organize the basement
  9. Get passports for all 4 of us
  10. Try 2 new recipes or meals a week
  11. Read 50+ books in 2014 (0 done so far)
  12. Master Bathroom:
    1. Install Shelves
    2. Paint Cabinets?
  13. Put hardware on all cabinets and drawers.
  14. Make a T-shirt quilt.
  15. Sort my fabric, yarn, and other craft things.
  16. Go camping!
  17. Road trip to WA again
  18. Help someone in need at least every month, even in a small way.
  19. Sell our old diapers or donate them to someone who needs them.
  20. Make an effort to actually recycle everything that we can in our household (find out *where* we can recycle things)
  21. Harvest and preserve whatever nature/our garden provides: chokecherries, tomatoes, venison, fruit, zucchini
  22. Do some soul searching about whether or not I really want a 3rd (biological) child. (Still thinking...but mostly leaning toward yes)
  23. Finish Dee's blanket! (3 of 11 rows of squares done)
  24. Replace the counters in the kitche
  25. Replace our worn out appliances
  26. Make J dinosaur pajama bottoms
  27. Make both kids some flannel scrap bears 
  28. Purge our junk. 
  29. Get in the best shape I can be;  this means eating more whole foods, exercising more, and helping my body to be the best it can be
  30. Write 12 short stories this year (0/12 done)
  31. 365 Pictures Project 2014 (1/365)

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