Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-in, Week...6

Yesterday when I weighed myself I was down again, to 143.6, which was 0.8 pounds below last week. However, my awesome husband made sausage yesterday (totally not a euphemism, I promise) so naturally, we had that for dinner, and the salt content put me back up to where I was last week. It was SO tasty though. ANYWAY. Stupid being so sensitive to salt/retaining water. . I'm going to count yesterday as my "official" weight, though. So that puts me at 5.2 pounds lost. I thought it would be more by now, but there it is. Total lost is 3.5%. But I've been kicking ass at getting my running/walking in, and I can now run almost a mile out of my 1.5 mile run with my dog(s). In the past week I've gotten in 11.3 miles, which is great. The dogs love it. Well, Athena loves it. MacGuyver makes his "fuck you" face when I make him run with me, even though he needs it at least as badly as I do. My shins have been sore (will these shin splints never heal completely?!) since my recent runs though, so I'm going to work on strengthening them a bit before I push too much more running.

MacGuyver's "fuck you" face

I know I'm losing weight, I know I'm losing fat (the more important thing). My clothes fit better, I feel better and more energetic. (I tried on a pair of jeans I got for really cheap at Target but hadn't tried on when I bought them, then couldn't button them when I got home, but they FIT!! I have a serious muffin top so I won't wear them yet, but I could easily button them and they were comfortable!!) Also, my skin is clearer! Yay!! Unless I binge on sugar, in which case I can expect a breakout in the next couple days. Bleh. 

I really, really, really need to stop slacking on weekends. I have got to keep tracking on Saturday and Sunday, because every time I don't I come off the weekend with a gain of a pound or two. I can usually lose it again by Wednesday but it's frustrating and probably not healthy to keep doing this.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ode to the Dentist

Can't feel half my face
Extra septocaine is good
Til it's time to eat

So... I went to the dentist this morning. Dee threw a fit because she couldn't come with me. I guess it's good that the kids like the dentist so much. Anyway, I get to go again in 2 weeks (after just having my teeth cleaned 2 weeks ago) because I get to have a crown put on! Yay! Not really yay. But at least my teeth will be taken care of. Ugh.

They numbed me up super, duper well, which is better than not enough, and great because I usually burn through the numbing agent pretty fast. I left there almost an hour and a half ago, and I still look like I've had a stroke because I can't move half of my upper lip. Today I had a filling on top (at some point, seriously, I will have had every possible space filled...) and the temporary crown put on, after prep was done on my tooth for the permanent one.

And I'm hungry.

But I already chewed up my cheek while at the dentist (whoops) so... no food until my mouth is no longer numb. I'm going to walk to Chipotle (which is just past Starbucks, so I'll get my exercise!) and hopefully by the time I get back my face won't be numb any more. I read that exercise helps? Oy.

In the meantime, kids, take care of your teeth. Even if you have shitty enamel like I got from my parents, every little bit helps. 

Update: It took until almost 4:00 before my face was no longer numb. My left cheek is still sort of weird, like non-working and my top lip doesn't work symmetrically. Fun. I ended up getting a smoothie at Starbucks and not going to Chipotle, because chewing is hard even with feeling. I also discovered that I bit my tongue in at least 3 places, badly, so I keep tasting blood and it stings. Icky. And owie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weigh-In, Schmeigh-In.

So... yeah. Happy friggin' Wednesday.

I had a 0.2 pound *gain* this week. I know. That's nothing. It could just be that I didn't poop enough yesterday. But still, to have a gain at all is so frustrating. It wasn't from this weekend, it was since Monday, because on Monday I was still where I was last Wednesday.

Maybe it was because Dee is down to only nursing once a day and my body is adjusting. It could just be normal fluctuations, but seeing a small gain after 3 weeks of small but important losses is really frustrating. I have lost 1/2" to 1" in various places, including on my boobs, so that's amazing, and I am feeling stronger. My calves are awesome.

Anyway. After this slightly frustrating start to the day, I go to get in my car, slip on black ice, and fall...on my knee, and my arm, and my Broncos cup, which is now broken and thrown away. I love that cup and I drank water out of it all the time :-(. So now I need a new one. Also, I managed to rip a 3" hole in the shoulder of my only winter coat as I fell. Ugh. I also popped my back/neck and jaw pretty badly, but my headache is finally gone from that. My arm and knee are sore, I'm sure my knee will be pretty colors tomorrow.

They had Mexican Meatballs in the cafeteria at work today, though, which are fantastic, and those helped. I need some more coffee. I think a walk to Starbucks is in order.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mountains? What mountains?

I swear there are mountains out there somewhere.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Making Progress

Week 3 of the Fitness Challenge:
1.2 pounds lost
5.4 miles walked
Nutrition goals met
Adding core-strengthening and yoga into my routine

Summary of Challenge to Date:
3 pounds lost
15.7 miles walked/run
1.25 inches lost on waist
0.5 inches lost on ribcage
Boobs still enormous. No change.

To add to the challenge, Dee has stopped nursing in the evenings, which takes away from the "bonus" calories I've been burning. I have done well with not going over my calorie/nutrition goals, so I don't think I'll gain a whole bunch like I did when J weaned. Hopefully. I'm trying to be more mindful of things now.

Of course, being the only female in the weigh in is a little tricky...I expect the men will lose a lot more a lot faster, just because they have more to lose and their bodies work differently. For example, Big lost 10 pounds in one week... compared to my 1.2. Granted, he's still a buck and change heavier than me, but I don't think I will be winning any prizes for % lost or anything. Maybe I can win for consistency?