Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weigh-In, Schmeigh-In.

So... yeah. Happy friggin' Wednesday.

I had a 0.2 pound *gain* this week. I know. That's nothing. It could just be that I didn't poop enough yesterday. But still, to have a gain at all is so frustrating. It wasn't from this weekend, it was since Monday, because on Monday I was still where I was last Wednesday.

Maybe it was because Dee is down to only nursing once a day and my body is adjusting. It could just be normal fluctuations, but seeing a small gain after 3 weeks of small but important losses is really frustrating. I have lost 1/2" to 1" in various places, including on my boobs, so that's amazing, and I am feeling stronger. My calves are awesome.

Anyway. After this slightly frustrating start to the day, I go to get in my car, slip on black ice, and fall...on my knee, and my arm, and my Broncos cup, which is now broken and thrown away. I love that cup and I drank water out of it all the time :-(. So now I need a new one. Also, I managed to rip a 3" hole in the shoulder of my only winter coat as I fell. Ugh. I also popped my back/neck and jaw pretty badly, but my headache is finally gone from that. My arm and knee are sore, I'm sure my knee will be pretty colors tomorrow.

They had Mexican Meatballs in the cafeteria at work today, though, which are fantastic, and those helped. I need some more coffee. I think a walk to Starbucks is in order.

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