Monday, December 1, 2008

26 Things.

Inspired by Cyndi.

Adored: my husband and son are, by me

Beagle-y: how MacGuyver's bed smells

Christmas: so very excited for J's first

Dippy: my other dog, Athena, who has gotten out again

Elegant: what I want to be when I grow up

Frail: my grandmother

Gross: sputum

Hilarious: RoboSapien on RoboRaptor on other Robo Dinosaur action

Ignorant: people who really really irritate me

Jazz: C's beautiful music

Kangaroos: on the wall in J's room, make him smile when he "says" goodnight to them

Literature: I should read more of this

Mother: I am, my mother is, my grandmother is, my great-grandmother was...

Nut: hazelnuts + chocolate = soooo yummy

Open: what I try to be with C, and he tries to be with me

Prescience: would it actually be nice to have this ability?

Quilting: I love this, I should try to devote some time to it again

Running: escape, burning off energy, freedom

Sing: I love when C does this, even/especially his goofy lip-synching.

Turtle: ate the frogs. I swear!

Umbrella: only the non-natives use them in Seattle

Varicella: itchy, couldn't go to a birthday party when I had one spot in my ear that hadn't scabbed over yet

Water: my plants probably need some of this

Xerox: the machine at work is squeaky

Zebra: differences in pronunciation are amusing.

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