Monday, November 23, 2009

What I Got...

I realized that I never filled the citizens of the blogosphere in on the details of my "free" shopping spree! I know you are all just hanging on the edges of your seats. Or balancing. Something.

Anyway, it was truly amazing. I bought J a 2 pack of Gerber blanket sleepers-with DINOSAURS ON THEM!- (only $7.99, thanks to a handy $2 off coupon I got at Gerber's website!), and I bought Twilight. Yeah. Oh, and I got J some neat stocking stuffers from the Target $1 bins. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the $1 bins? I got him a Richard Scarry book about opposites, and two little wooden vehicles (one's like a dump truck or something, and one is a helicopter) because J really loves vehicles.

J is wearing his new jammies tonight and kept lifting up his feet to look at the "saurs" on them. *Gush* He's so stinkin cute!

Except when he tells the dogs to "shup" (shut up)...well, ok, that's cute too but I am trying to stop saying it so he will hopefully stop too.

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Caeseria said...

Ooooh, footie pajamas are so cuuuuute! You should take a picture of him with his "saurs"!