Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why can't we all just get along?

“Great job raising a kid who will probably not become a mass murderer.” - Jill at babyrabies.com

Ah, mommy wars. I have witnessed them in the blogosphere, on Twitter, on the Nest and the Bump. Very recently, I've even seen them on Facebook. I can understand the mob mentality, and getting so angry about something that you HAVE to jump in. I've done it myself (though not terribly recently) on forums where things are relatively anonymous. But on Facebook? Are we so judgmental as a species that we must call names and insult and berate fellow mothers and fellow humans when we can see their real names, and nobody is hiding? I try not to say anything to anyone on Facebook (and as time goes on, the internet in general) that I would not say to their face. Perhaps I'm being naive, but honestly, it's a little saddening and shocking to see grown women calling names and telling each other that their parenting choices suck donkey balls and that their kids are going to be ruined for life because their parents made them cry it out (CIO) or fed them formula or breastfed them til they were 2 or 3, or coslept with them. As Jill Kraus at Baby Rabies so aptly put it, odds are good that no matter what you do, your kid won't turn out to be a mass murderer. So come on, internet citizens. Deep breaths. Realize that there are living, breathing people on the receiving end of your comments, and don't be an asshole. Nobody is perfect, including you, so lets all behave.

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