Friday, February 10, 2012

A beautiful birth story

I came across this incredible story, linked on Facebook, of a twin mama who birthed her babies naturally at home, where they were born 33 hours apart. There were no complications, and it is a beautiful story.

I know that this is an unusual story, and that there is the potential for a lot of complications and so on, but this story blew me away. I am so blessed to have had my natural experience with my daughter, and it strikes me to the core every time I read another med-free birth story. There is something so primal and so spiritual about the experience, tapping into the ancestry of women through the ages who gave birth without medication (obviously anything more than 150 years ago would be in that category) where Nature takes over.


(Note to self: you don't want to be pregnant again. Really. Even if you want to give birth again,  you don't want to be pregnant again!)

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