Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Costume ideas for Mama...

L is going to be a dinosaur for Halloween. I've got the fabric (teal-blue, purple, and green fleece). I've been trying to figure out what I can be that goes with that. I finally got it. STEAMPUNK TIMETRAVELER! You know, with a pet dinosaur.

Aviator Cap plus goggles (like this) that should be pretty easy to make (I'm thinking felt + plastic from dead containers).

Spats on my boots (made of brown felt and buttons), floofy pants to tuck into my boots. The satin shirt from my renaissance dress (I know, wrong era, but it's a poofy satin shirt. No real tells there...) and possibly a bodice from the costume trunk (it's dark green, but might work). If the bodice doesn't work I may be improvising something else. Add some chains and gears (craft store? Thrift store?) and I'll be all set! I will probably need a scarf or something too, to add to the aviator sort of look.

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