Wednesday, June 10, 2015

5 months!

Wow, five months! This giant baby is growing so fast. She's a very happy baby. Her favorite people are her sister, brother, mom and dad. She's also a big fan of MacGuyver and sort of wary of Athena, since she's not so much a fan of being licked. She eats a lot (I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 ounces a day, but since I am nursing her half the time and she gets pumped milk while I'm working, I can't be exactly sure). She also has been wearing mostly 6-9 month sized clothing, because, well, she's giant. Giant for my babies, anyhow. LCC can sit unsupported for a second or two at a time, and loves to sit up straight (on her own) in her high chair while the rest of us are eating. Baths are awesome, and so is eating her toes. LCC has discovered blowing raspberries and enjoys sucking her thumb and sticking out her tongue. She's not really into tummy time, and does not roll over yet but the big kids are trying to teach her.

Her current stats (as best as I can measure at home):
16.5 pounds (about the 82nd percentile)
27" long (off the chart for height... so...99th percentile?)

This makes her bigger than both of her siblings at 6 months, though Dee was the same length at that age. She also seems to have more hair than the other two did at this age, but maybe it's just a little darker so it looks like more.

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