Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby's First Broken Leg

My baby has a broken leg. He was playing on the trampoline at my parent's house with my younger brother yesterday afternoon, and kept falling onto his hands and knees and laughing like a maniac. Until the last time, that is. He suddenly didn't find it so amusing, and cried for about 30 minutes. We thought maybe he'd sprained his right ankle, as it was a little swollen, but it wasn't too bad. So this morning when he still wouldn't put weight on it I called the pediatrician and she sent us to the Children's Hospital clinic in a nearby ER. I totally love the Children's Hospital now. They took great care of him, and had fun movies (like Ratatouille and Finding Nemo) on for him to watch while we were there. Anyway, as C discovered while doing some online research last night, kids J's age are more likely to break a joint than sprain it, and that's what J did. He valiantly screamed and fought during the X-ray, and even pinched and tried to bite the radiology tech, but we got two very clear pictures of his broken leg. Both of the leg bones (the tibia and fibula) are fractured, with the tibia, or the bigger bone, being the worse off.

He really hated getting the splint on, and we'll be getting him in a cast as soon as we get in to see the orthopedist later this week. In the meantime, no walking or standing or crawling for J.

Breaking your leg isn't all bad, though, since Grandma bought him all kinds of goodies like a piano (a small keyboard/synthesizer that looks like a grand piano, a steal at a secondhand toy store!) and Chicken Run and two books and some clothes and a cookie. Plus I got us pizza for dinner, which he got to eat on the couch. Lucky boy!

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