Monday, June 28, 2010

The Boy and His Cast

J was very, very well behaved when we went to get his cast on (5 days after he broke his leg). Much better than I'd expected, given the fit he threw for the splint (which he tried to remove during naptime the day before he got his cast on, hence the duct tape in the picture above). It may have helped that we bribed him with a cupcake from our favorite ever bakery, Lovely Confections. When given the list of colors to choose from (black, blue, green, pink, purple), J initially said "PINK!" with gusto. I asked if he was sure, and told him the list again, and he thought about it a second and then said "Want blue one." Whew. Pink would not have gone with any of his outfits. The whole process of wrapping the fiberglass around his leg absolutely fascinated him, and he made sure to tell the orthopedic tech when to "Det nother blue one!" each time the roll ran out.
Showing off his cool cast. And where the heck is my baby?! Who is this kid looking up at me with a grin on his boyish face?!
Summertime, no A/C, and a kid who is limited to crawling. The couch has become his toybox. He's even sporting an Econobum diaper in this picture. :-)
This evening Buzz and Woody were flying, (along with the Buzz and Woody in Toy Story) and J thought it was pretty funny, so I took the chance to take a picture. Not the best ever, but cute. And yes, he is wearing his Toy Story jammies. Daddy let him wear them all day. Lucky kid.

Lots of people have asked how he's doing with his cast. Well, basically, since he broke both bones in his lower leg, they didn't want him to be walking on it at all. In order to ensure that he couldn't walk on it, even if he tried, they had to put the cast on in a way that holds his knee in a bent position. As a result he crawls everywhere, and his toes are really dirty. (It doesn't matter how much I try to wash them, there's just no good way to clean them without getting the cast wet. So his toes smell a little like cheese. It's pretty gross. Now where was I?) He also scoots around on his butt pretty well, and the last week he's been trying to stand up with limited success. He doesn't walk but he certainly can get where he wants to go. It's very weird having a toddler suddenly limited to crawling. He's much more dependent than he used to be; I think to some extent he milks it. I am going to be so glad when he can walk again, because 30 pounds of toddler is killer on my back when I have to carry him this much.

J gets his cast off in 2 days. Day after tomorrow. Hallelujah.

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