Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One Month Old!

My how time flies!!

Little Cat C is one month old today! (And no, I have no idea how that happened!) She eats and sleeps LOTS and started smiling about a week ago. She really hates having a dirty diaper. Currently she's wearing 0-3 month sized clothes and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 pounds. I swear she is bigger every time I look at her. She loves her big brother and sister and smiles at them as well as C and me. She sleeps really well, and actually slept a 7 hour stretch a few nights ago (at 4 weeks old exactly).

This child has had a really busy first month. We've moved into our new house (see her book? She's reading up on her home repair skills in case we need her help) when she was about 2 weeks old (on 1/29) and have since been taking her to all kinds of places to buy stuff for the new house. She's generally a pretty happy kid, as long as she's not hungry/tired/in need of a diaper change. Or if it's not 4:00pm or later.

We've also discovered that she's colicky. It seems that 4:00pm is evil baby time. Every. Damn. Day.  When I eat heavily spiced or even remotely garlicky or spicy food it's worse. It's horrible and demoralizing and frustrating, and often the only thing that stops it is wearing her and/or her falling asleep.

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