Sunday, March 1, 2015


Little Cat C is sick. Not as sick as she was, since we're home now, but it was scary for a few days. She got sick about a week ago, but on Wednesday she was struggling to breathe and her little fingernails were purple-tinged, and when she cried her whole face got dark and scary. We went to the ER, and were admitted with RSV. Two chest x-rays showed that she did not have pneumonia (yay!). It hit everyone but J and me, and LCC earned a 3 day hospital stay with oxygen and albuterol nebulizers. My mom was awesome and brought me stuff a couple times, since I hadn't packed for a hospital stay when LCC and I went to the ER. The nursing staff and respiratory therapists were wonderful. Babywearing was a lifesaver, and I knew she was feeling better when she was colicky again.
Waiting in the ER for news and test results.

Nap time for baby.

This swing was borrowed from the NICU, and it was wonderful.

Nebulizer time at home!!

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