Thursday, September 10, 2015

8 months!

Where oh where has the time gone?!

8 MONTHS OLD. This baby is just full of joyful mischief. LCC still has 2 teeth, though she's working on at least 2 more (I think the next two on the bottom, rather than the top two, but I know better than to say for sure). She's pretty drooly and wet from the face down most of the time. Making her siblings laugh is a priority. LCC has not met a food she didn't like yet, but she's not very good at getting it into her mouth in any great quantities. Mostly it ends up all over her and I am SO glad we're doing Baby Led Weaning (easier to clean up). She's very good at using her tongue to manipulate the bits of food around her mouth. Still, she's primarily nursing (or taking bottles from Daddy and nobody else) and hasn't decreased her intake on that end, though she's sort of slowing down on growing/zooming through clothing sizes. Whew. I doubt she'll wear the adorable "My First Halloween" outfit I bought for her last year (foolishly in size 6-9 months...) 7 weeks from now though.

No crawling yet but she can sit up like it's her purpose in life. She can reach *really* far in front of her and get back to sitting, but not quite to the hands and knees position yet. She's getting there. Both of her siblings are trying to help her learn things and they love to play with her. J is particularly good at getting her to laugh out loud.

Measurements (as given by our bathroom scale, and roll of paper and pencil, and with Dee's help)

28.125 inches ~88%ile
19 pounds ~75%ile

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