Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10 months!

Little Cat C is 10 months old. WOW. She's sweet and hilarious and stubborn and clever. 4 teeth and a crazy giraffe tongue. She says Dada and babbles, and sometimes says Hi, but mostly is just chill and happy. Unless she runs out of food, then you'd better be ready with more. LCC loves all food. She sleeps great at home but not so much anywhere else (like, say, the car). Loves her brother and sister, and rubber duckies are pretty funny. Almost got that crawling thing figured out, but prefers to scoot around on her butt and get herself wedged backwards under furniture. She wears some 9 month stuff still (like, 2 things that were weirdly large), mostly 12 month stuff, and some 18 month stuff. She moved into the convertible car seat (rear facing of course) last month, because she outgrew the infant one. Whew.

29.25" long - ~85th Percentile
20.4 pounds - ~62nd Percentile

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