Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Lesson Learned

If you desire to teach your child what a real animal, say, a mouse, looks like, the appropriate way to do so is not to show him the mouse you caught in the mouse trap in the garage.

If you want your child to look absolutely horrified that this strange thing with it's head smashed in is being shown to him, and being called a mouse, but looks nothing like Mickey ("Moush" if you're J) and start panic crying, then by all means, show him the mouse.

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Caeseria said...

Oh NO!! Oh Tena! Oh poor J!

I thought mine would be amused by the blender going round and round, so I showed him, "Look, everything's going to go WHEE!", turned it on, and realized only when I turned it off that he'd been SCREAMING in terror the whole time, and I hadn't heard him because the blender drowned him out.