Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mylar Balloons = Hours of Entertainment

At my niece's Bat Mitzvah yesterday, J got a nice star-shaped, silver, helium filled Mylar balloon. He's spent hours playing with it, sometimes just hugging it, sometimes pulling the ribbon to send it careening back toward him from it's failed venture toward the ceiling, and sometimes just bopping it and saying "Woah!" He also likes to say "wah, oo, free, WHEEE!" (one, two, three, whee!) and letting it go on "whee." We're pretty sure he thinks "whee" is the number after three. Another bonus? Latex-free, so no rash on J's face when he tries to kiss his reflection. It also still has helium in it today, and is much more indestructable than a traditional latex balloon. It rates pretty high on his favorite things list, as the first thing he said this morning when he was out of bed was "BLOON!"

The balloon did not help me give him a haircut this morning. That was left to the magic of Pluto cartoons. He still has a lovely odd patch on one side because he moved and I snipped at the same time, but otherwise it's pretty good for a non-clippers, scissors only cut. No pictures, because, alas, our camera has totally broken and I haven't called Target yet about getting it fixed.

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