Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Come ON, Uterus. Get it together.

What the effing hell. This is ridiculous. Uterus, either start bleeding or stop being a pain in the...well...yourself. Dammit. Chart in post below, it's really lovely. My temp is now going up again. WTF.

In related news, when C and I had sex the night before my temp first dipped, it was not enjoyable. It did not feel good. Last time that happened was when I was pregnant with J. Yikes. Ugh.

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Caeseria said...

If you're NOT starting your period and should be, and your temp is going up... does that mean you're pregnant? I have no idea how this works, ironic since I have one baby and am trying to have another.
Hey, thanks for the free tests link - that's just awesome! Ovulation tests are $17-$22 apiece, which sucks when you're buying them monthly and then having to throw away the unused strips because they expire within thirty days of opening the container. (Talk about a design flaw!)