Friday, October 30, 2009

"Things that only a wife would notice"

It drives me nuts when C locks the drivers side door, with the car in the garage, and leaves the other 3 doors unlocked.

I hate it when C lays the dish towels on the counter, puts clean dishes on them, and doesn't ever put away the dishes or get out a new dish towel so when I wash my hands I can dry them.

It really bugs me when C gets snooty and suggests/requests that I do "something" in the way of housework while he's at a gig/work, when he hasn't done a goddamn thing while I'm at work.

It bothers me when I come home and the dogs are in their kennels because they were being "obnoxious" and all they needed was a nice walk, which C didn't give them (when the weather was nice).

I don't know why that man can't do a freaking load of laundry, start to finish (including putting it away).

*sigh* God give me the strength to keep from smacking him upside the head with a damp dishtowel.

1 comment:

Lanie said...

Good luck with that. Sounds like a dishtowel beating is in order. And when you're done, can I borrow that damp dishtowel?