Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey, look, it's Wednesday!

Lame title, I know. Whatever.

My temperature dropped today. Ugh. Looks like another short LP. Currently on my list of things to buy at the store:
  • Vitamin E, because damn I hate sore boobs. It's easy to forget when you haven't had any 100% normal cycles in almost 3 years, and before that I took 400U a day so my boobs were never really sore during PMS. It was nice...
  • Vitamin B6, because this short LP thing will be a problem in a few months when we'd like to have baby #2. 
I have also lost 6.2 pounds! Yay! I had been getting really frustrated because these antibiotics are slowing down my digestion and I've been bloated due to PMS, but I was actually able to get a (reasonably) accurate weight this morning in spite of that. This puts me back in the regular BMI category (YAY!!) and it means I only have 15.8 pounds left to lose. Hrm. But hey, I'm like 25% there, and I have until July 1st-ish, so I'm feeling good about this. I have been doing well about jumping rope, but it's really hard on my knees (God I feel old...) so I took a day off from it and I am going to start wearing my knee braces while I jump rope.

J is still cute. He named one of his stuffed puppies (the brown one) Athena (which he pronounces Feen or Feena, depending on the day), and he named the black puppy Felix Doggie (at least that's what he said, who knows what he actually meant, maybe "Feena's doggie") and the white puppy Doggie.

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