Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ways You Can Help: Haiti Help Donation Roundup

I know everyone is touched in some way or another by the tragic disaster in Haiti.
The Red Cross is in desperate need of monetary donations. Sending clothing, food etc may be well-intentioned but actually requires more resources to sort and ship than they have, so money is really better. Please consider donating to either them or another charity that you support.

Here are some ways you can help, as listed by a few fellow bloggers:

1. Todd and Erin, Help for Haiti  (Ways you can help)
2. Money Saving Mom, Help for Haiti Drive (List of ways everyone can help)
3. Parenting Magazine (a whole list of charities and organizations in need of donations with phone numbers or links)

I will be updating this as I see more, and as the above ways to help close. Thank you for caring!

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Rachael said...

i donated within the first few days and only wish i could have given more...

thanks for chiming in on my post about bedtime.