Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fitness Diaries, or What A Slacker I Have Been

I took the last 2 weeks off to celebrate C's 28th birthday and my 27th. Partying with cake and rich food does not mesh well with calorie tracking, and besides that, the only exercise I've been doing is getting laid. I'm sure you all really wanted to know that ;-). Anyway, the good news is that I'm still the same weight I was last time I updated, so I've maintained my 7 pound weightloss well. I need to do my strength training tonight, which will happen in just a little bit, after I do some more cleaning of our messy house in preparation for hosting book club on Friday. We're reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I must say it's pretty entertaining. Having never read the original Pride and Prejudice, I have no idea about details about the unzombified version. I will post a review at some point, probably this weekend, sooner if I finish the book before then.

Oooh, and with our tax return money C and I got a Bissel Little Green floor cleaner.
*Swoon* I love this thing. I don't know how I've owned dogs for 5 years without it, let alone how my husband and son have not completely destroyed the carpet between their attempts at adding new mystery stains on a weekly basis. Anyway. I am quite impressed with this little gadget, and they have them at Costco for under $60. The most similar thing to it at Target goes for about $80, so it's a good deal.

The next thing we're going to get is a Dyson. Eeee!! (Wow, I am seriously a dork. Oh well.)

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