Monday, February 15, 2010


Just popping in to give a few quick updates:

J practiced saying "seatbelt" all the way to Grandma B's house yesterday. I think he was teaching Buzz Lightyear to say it, in between Buzz flying around J's carseat.  It was really cute listening to him say "seat. beewwwt. seatbet. bewt. BEWT." His mastered version came out as "seatbewt."

I am down a grand total of 9 pounds! Yay! Of course, that's pre-PMS bloat, so we'll see...I need to keep exercising. Really. Maybe J and the dogs and I will take another 1.9 mile walk this afternoon.

I submitted a short story to my favorite horror podcast magazine!! Squee!! The worst that can happen is that they will reject it. I am just proud of myself for taking that step.

I am considering starting a literature blog. Of my writing. Hrmm. Perhaps just of my writing that's been published (which is nothing at the moment so that wouldn't be very exciting). Or something. Anywho. If you have any thoughts on that feel free to comment.

I also need a pseudiddlyeudonym. Thank you, Flanders. My last name, love it though I might for it's connection to my husband, is not so conducive to being pronounced by the masses. Which could happen. You know, like if/when I ever get published. Or write a children's book. Which I guess is getting published. People tend to look at 4 syllable Polish names and go "Bwhalahw?" even when they are 100% phonetic and then turn them all into Kowalski. Which is not my last name. This will be addressed at a later date, on aforementioned literature blog. I will keep everyone posted when that blog comes to fruition. That blog will not be replacing this one.

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