Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Reflections on the Weigh In

My starting weight last week (Thursday) was 150. I got slammed with a head cold and Valentine's day and massive family party, and I managed to get in 5 1/2 miles of walking/running. I met my calorie goals (tracked in Sparkpeople) every day that I tracked (I don't think I tracked all of Friday or Saturday).My weigh in this morning was 148.4! (This is 1.06% lost this week, which I am only calculating because it's part of my check-in for the Fitness Challenge.)

Considering my weight last Monday (2/10) was 148.8, I am making progress, but slowly. I need to make sure I don't repeat this gain 1-2 pounds and lose it every week stasis that I've been in. Upon entering those weights, I realized that my weight January 10 was 148.4. This is really frustrating! But at least I am paying more attention, and holding myself more accountable. I am feeling physically better, even if the scale isn't reflecting a damn thing. Yet. I am going to get more mileage in, especially after my discovery that Starbucks/Trader Joe's is a 1.6 mile walk and I can do it in 25 minutes. I think if I just make my afternoon coffee run a walk to Starbucks for a latte I can get in 1.6 miles each day that I can't work out at home (due to C being at rehearsals/gigs/etc on some weeknights). Plus the latte is way tastier than what I get at the cafeteria here for drip coffee, for like $0.75 more. Good deal, really.

This whole thing is really helping me realize what I need to do to take care of myself. I did make the discovery last week (on V-day) that Hershey's kisses are crack bombs. Eat just one of those suckers and there's an instant craving for like 10 more. Eat one piece of quality chocolate, and I'm satisfied. My conclusion? Junk food chocolate is just that: junk. If I want chocolate, I'm going to get the good stuff and be happy with less.

I did do another 1.5 mile walk this afternoon for my break. It turns out that it's 1.5 miles to Starbucks, not 1.6. That extra tenth of a mile must just in crossing the street! Anyway, here's a funny from when I went to enter the latte I bought in Sparkpeople. Incidentally, yes, I do prefer my lattes to be nonfatal.

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