Thursday, February 13, 2014

Universe, You Shall Not Win!!

So the Universe is trying to tell me something. I was all set to do my yoga video (that's right, I said video, we're old school like that) last night (PM Yoga, I love it) and couldn't find the plug for the VHS rewinder. Which we need, because our VCR eats tapes if you try to rewind with it. I entered a rage-filled frustration zone where I tore apart the house for like 30 minutes trying to find the damn plug (you can see, maybe, part of why I needed to do this soothing yoga...) So finally at like 10:30 C gets home from rehearsal, and finds the plug. I rewind the tape, insert it in the VCR. The VCR promptly eats the tape. Alrighty then. No more VHS for us, the VCR has gone all Donner Party on us and is going to eat anything it can, whether or not we try to rewind in it. So... I still need to do yoga. More than before, because this event has only increased my agitation and keyed-up-ed-ness (it's a word, I swear). C suggests I check the internet. No streaming yoga on Netflix (though it seems to me they're missing something with that), and to get my treasured program on YouTube I have to pay $4. I don't think so, Internet, you will not trick me!! I didn't find anything else satisfactory on YouTube, so I put on a meditation CD and made up my own PM Yoga. I felt SO much better, even though I maybe only spent 10 minutes and probably did some of it wrong. I went to sleep and figured morning would be nice.

Dee, in the meantime, woke up twice last night. 3 times if you count the time I allowed her to finally come snuggle and nurse. I woke up with a splitting headache (seriously, who crammed my head with cotton and clamped it in a vise-grip?) and a head cold. UGH.

So the Universe is trying to foil my plans to be healthier. I will not be so easily defeated, dastardly foe!!

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