Friday, December 12, 2014

37 Weeks!

How Far along: 37 weeks. Hi full term (ish... I guess early term?)

Baby size: Full length still (so... 19-21 inches) and somewhere around 6 1/2 pounds.

Total weight gain: 18ish

Maternity clothes: Definitely.

Sleep: I miss sleeping all night comfortably. But I definitely need more sleep, and it must be on a mountain of pillows. Poor C has to share a bed with the mountain and me.

Best Moment this week: Hmm. I'm going with discovering the magic that is Pine Tar Soap for PUPPPs.

Movement: Yep. She's squirmy and big.

Gender:  Girl!

Labor signs: Braxton-Hicks contractions. Those suckers are getting serious but not regular yet. She's dropped so now there are no counters I can walk comfortably up to, and also, I have a big old baby head in my pelvis pushing on things.

Belly button: Still confused. Mostly out but often flat. Still trying to be a volcano.

Cravings: Chocolate, in a variety of forms. I still really want a rum and Coke. Mayo + bacon is still a fantastic combination.

Aversions: Nothing new.

What I miss: Pretty much the same things as last week, plus I miss not being so itchy. 

Stretch Marks: Still no new ones, as far as I can tell, but that stupid PUPPPs rash makes it really hard to see. Pine Tar Soap is awesome, though.

What is different this time around: Mostly everything. I did also find out I'm Group B Strep positive, so yay for IV antibiotics in labor...

What I am looking forward to this week: Moving up to my mom's house, getting all the final details done so we can close next Friday.

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