Friday, December 19, 2014

38 Weeks!

How Far along: 38 weeks

Baby size: Full length still (so... 19-21 inches) and somewhere around 6 1/2-7 1/2 pounds

Total weight gain: 16ish? Our scale is packed, but at the doctor's yesterday I was 2 pounds less than 2 weeks ago, so I'm guessing. The slight loss is what I've experienced at the end of both other pregnancies, too, so not really surprising, and it means baby will be here soon (duh).

Maternity clothes: Definitely.

Sleep: Well, I need more than I've been getting. Stupid stress and being frickin busy. It is infinitely more comfortable to be in my bed than sharing a twin with Dee, though.

Best Moment this week: Closing on the house! Now to find a new one...

Movement: Yep.

Gender:  Girl!

Labor signs: Hah. Yeah. Moderately uncomfortable contractions 7-12 minutes apart for 4 days now. Whee.

Belly button: Still confused. Mostly out but often flat. Still trying to be a volcano.

Cravings: Food is good.

Aversions: Nothing new.

What I miss: Pretty much the same things as last week, plus I miss not being so itchy. 

Stretch Marks: I think a few small ones, which would explain the massive flair up of PUPPPs last week. It's kind of hard to tell though, because they could be old ones that are all red and irritated from scratching.

What is different this time around: Mostly everything. I did also find out I'm Group B Strep positive, so yay for IV antibiotics in labor... though according to the nurse yesterday, it really doesn't change much in terms of how my labor will go/how I can manage it.

What I am looking forward to this week: Christmas! And maybe a baby? But being way, way, way less stressed out.

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