Thursday, October 16, 2008

Politics+Religion+Hormonal Women= A Frigging Circus

Whoa nelly...I can hardly wait for this election to be over. I support people's individual views, so long as they aren't hurting anyone else. However, when anyone on any side of the political spectrum says things that aren't true, I take issue. For instance, someone on a Nest board had a picture in her signature that apparently depicted Barack Obama as a Muslim (wearing a turban) and said under it "Change you will submit to." Some people thought it was funny, more were offended, and many thought it was racism. Either way, the whole nest seems to be in a uproar, with the racists/religionists and the uneducated taking offense at the offense that's been taken, and the overwhelming majority on all sides of the spectrum in a tizzy. The hormones just make it more fun. I would like to state here and now that Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He is a Christian, and he converted of his own free will as a teenager. I am sure people would be making the same stink about John McCain if he'd been born a Muslim and converted later, just in the spirit of being "patriotic." (Or would they, since McCain is all white, and everyone is a little bit racist sometimes? If you don't "get" that: Avenue Q)

I say "patriotic" because it is apparently the "American" thing to do to hate people of the muslim faith and call them terrorists. Two of my older siblings think that Senator Obama is a Muslim, masquerading as a Christian. Of all people I would expect that they had more sympathy to his situation- they were BOTH born and raised Christian, and now have converted to Judaism (well, sort of, they're Messiahnic Jews, which is a whole other can of worms). So apparently they are the only people allowed to convert to a different religion. I work in a hospital that treats everyone in need of help for respiratory or allergy problems. My older brother actually told me that we should turn away everyone of the Islamic faith because they're all terrorists. What the fuck? Since some crazy people decided to be terrorists, we should assume that everyone of their faith is, so not treat them? How the hell is THAT a Christian/Messiahnic Jewish thing to say?! I don't think that Christianity has any room to talk (Inquisition, anyone?). It wasn't everyone of the faith that promoted that, yet somehow Christians are not branded as terrorists. Hmm. Perhaps its a matter of recent versus distant history.

For the record, I am a Liberarian. I don't particularly love any of the candidates, but I agree more with Senator Obama's views (like say, 60% agreement) and on BIG issues (for me) like the right to choose and scientific funding (ok, DUH) than Senator McCain, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, or Ron Paul (about 10-20% agreement). I do not like Sarah Palin, and the fact that she could potentially be president scares me. She is too much like a small town girl in a big city. Sure she's intelligent or she wouldn't have become governor. I just don't think she's even remotely a good leader or sub-leader for this country. She promotes predator-control hunting, which I, as a wife and daughter of hunters who is pro-hunting, have serious moral issues with. If you need to control the population, great, but chasing animals down in an airplane and shooting them is not the way to do it. Would it be so hard to shoot them with tranquilizers and then euthanize them (perhaps this is costly, but surely the government could find some money to fund this option...after all, they found enough to bail out the banks. Hell, maybe AIG would fund it. You know, instead of the spa)? Growing up I was taught that if you aren't going to eat it or use it, don't kill it. Even animals being raised for fur are killed more humanely than that.

There are some things about Palin that are good. She's a good mother, she chose to raise a baby with Down Syndrome when the overwhelming majority of women given that choice choose to terminate (I had once found the stats on this on, but don't feel like tracking it down right now). She may very well be a good governor when she isn't abusing her power. I just don't want her near the White House.

And now I am tired of writing/thinking about this for today.

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