Friday, October 24, 2008

Really?! Rocko Diesel?

I really have no words to express this, other than WHAT?! I know that I probably have a different upbringing, and background, and experiences than these people, but really. I just can't understand being so...closed minded. Telling people that gays shouldn't be allowed to have children, they shouldn't be allowed to marry, and to take your child to the doctors office wearing a onesie about how "Mommy didn't think I was just a ball of cells." And in Seattle of all places. I have NEVER encountered quite such an odd person...
The Tale of Rocko Diesel.

Well, actually I worked with a guy (in Lynnwood, north of Seattle) who was very nice except on the topics of Muslims (well, extremist towel-heads is what he called them, I am only assuming he meant Muslims), gays, and liberals. Then he was a raging bigot. It is truly bizarre to me that someone's sense of self can be so tied up in being upstanding and "good" and yet that person can become a raving lunatic, and literally be beyond reason, about things that they find obscene or offensive to one of their other beliefs. Do these people feel about me (being pro choice) the way I feel about people who torture/burn/kill/rape children and animals? There seems to be a huge gap in logic somewhere. I only hope that children born to these people don't perpetuate the hatred of others for blind reasons, but deep inside I feel that hoping that is an exercise in futility.

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