Thursday, April 15, 2010

Think This Will Keep Them From Stealing My Mug?

For the second time, someone took my frigging mug that I keep in the cabinet at work. Arg. Irritating. Anyway, I got it back and have now labeled it:

In case you can't read it, it says "Tena's Mug --->Not Yours, Asshole<----"

Maybe that will work. It totally skeeves me out that someone else is using my stuff. Eeech. The mug is now residing in my desk (where I'm not supposed to keep things like that) rather than on the shelf in the breakroom, where I would not have thought I'd have a problem, but apparently the people that work here lack manners.

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Carolsue said...

People used to steal sandwiches and food from Tupperware containers out of our refrigerator at work! Do you know how tempted I was to bake a nice chocolate cake using Ex-Lax chocolate and leave it for the thief? Or something even MORE disgusting! Can you believe someone would help themselves to HALF a Tupperware container of something and leave the rest?