Saturday, April 10, 2010

We Should Love Our Lady Bits

Warning: this is a rant about women hating their god/nature given lady bits. It will be discussing the female anatomy. If you don't want to read about it, I suggest you stop reading now.

C recently made me aware of this phenomenon called "Vajazzling." which is essentially bedazzling your bikini area and possibly your labia (if you want...though why you would is beyond me). This (obviously) involves either shaving or waxing your entire bikini area.

There is a lot of shame in our (American) culture surrounding the way women feel about their labia and genitals and the fact that they have hair on them. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about shaving my legs and armpits, but my lady parts? No thank you. I have shaved in the past, but I think that Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy puts it very well.(Go to 3:05 for the relevant part, I couldn't find a better clip.)

To summarize, I think a grown woman should look like a grown woman when it comes to her lady bits, not like a little girl. That's creepy to me. Plus, a PITA to maintain. Primarily though, it's weird to me that someone would find that sexy when all I can think of is that little girls are the only female humans that have no hair down there naturally (I'm excluding people with alopecia).

I am all for trimming things up and maintaining things in a nice, neat way, but still. C just pointed out that men like their partners to shave so they don't get hair in their mouths, but whatever. I'm not going to get upset that C doesn't shave his balls just because I get hair in my mouth sometimes. Also, that most men haven't seen naked little girls so that isn't what they're thinking of. Anyway.

If you ever visit a pregnancy message board, the issue of shaving comes up a lot, especially as women discuss the end of their pregnancies and not wanting the doctor to have to see *gasp* pubic hair. I don't think I was terribly neatly trimmed when I delivered J, but I didn't care if the doctors/midwives saw it or not. They were going to watch me push a baby out of my vagina. They watch women push babies out and the shit that comes out while you're pushing. I really don't think they care whether you're shaved or not.

I just don't understand why women are so ashamed of their hair. It's a sign that you are a full grown woman. An adult. Sexually mature. Capable (in theory) of bearing children. We evolved/were made to only have hair on our groins (and underarms, but I won't attempt to explain that one) for a reason. Perhaps that reason is to keep our most private parts private for our partners alone to enjoy, not to show everyone while we bathe. Perhaps it's for protection from the elements before clothing was invented. Whatever the reason, it is not something I feel the need to mess with. I definitely don't feel the need to bedazzle my lady bits. That's so stupid and pointless, and I honestly think less of Jennifer Love Hewitt for promoting such a thing. Why can't we just love our bodies and our genitals as they are? Why do we have to put sparkly things on them to feel sexy or attractive?


Dawn said...

I'm a to each your own type of girl. I don't really care what women or men do with their bits. If they want to glue crystals where ever I'm not the one who has to pull them off. NMS but whatever makes you happy. It kind of makes me go huh? But there's no judgment from me beyond the thought of the over share. Honestly I don't really want to know about "bits" that don't belong to my husband or self.

One thing to consider about shaving is comfort. It doesn't always have to be about appearance or disliking the way one looks. Some people find hair itchy and uncomfortable .

Caeseria said...

I get hair curling into, um, places down there, which is rather painful until I get them out again, but I would think shaving would just make everything prickly and cactus-like between shaves. So I guess I'd say, hair's not that comfy but it's better than stubble? And I can't imagine maintaining that on top of legs and armpits.
Plus the whole prepubescent look is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy creepy.
And that's way more than I ever expected to write on the subject. I think I should back away from the keyboard now.