Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Houston, We Have Neurulation!


Yay for neurulation and continuing gastrulation!! Grow, Hush Puppy, grow. Hush Puppy has earned this nickname for his or her constant wish for Mommy to consume greasy, salty, crunchy fried foods. Mmm, french fries and bacon. And spicy chicken sandwiches. And spicy stuff in general. I could so go for some spicy Pad Thai right now. Yes, I realize it isn't even 10:00 am yet. OMG and BBQ. I think we're having BBQ ribs for dinner. 

Also, cute big brother story! Last night J came up to me (I was sitting down) and he started poking my belly and saying "kiss! kiss!" so I stood up. All he wanted to do was kiss the baby. Awww. He loves Hush Puppy. Maybe we shouldn't tell him that Hush Puppy is the baby. He might want to name it that.

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Caeseria said...

Aww, sweet J! And Hush Puppy has excellent taste in food! Just the sort of thing I wanted when I was pregnant!