Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello, Vulva Baby

Hush Puppy looks like a vulva today. He or she is developing blood cells and a notochord! More info at

I'm feeling icky today. Apparently the follicle that made HP (hahaha, Hush Puppy could totally be Harry Potter. Or Hewlett Packard) is cranking out the progesterone. I gagged a little on the peach I brought with my lunch, because it was too sour. The texture of my yogurt in the morning is no longer very appealing, though I can still eat it. And my soup yesterday was inedible due to the fact that HP reviled the flavor profile, so I went and got a chimichanga that was smothered in green chili from the cafeteria here. I gotta say, that was an infinitely better choice. YUMMY. 

Anyway. It doesn't seem to matter so much whether I have caffeine or not anymore (which I haven't been); I had cut it out because it seemed to exacerbate my nausea, but apparently just not currently eating makes it worse now. Oh, and chewing gum. I wondered when that would happen. I get about 3 minutes out of a piece of gum before it threatens to trigger the gag reflex. FWIW, Stride's mystery flavor tastes like that zebra stripe gum from when I was a kid. The pink and the purple kind, not the lemony one. I guess I'll go munch some more almonds.

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