Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Weeks Update!

I think my belly is shrinking. Or my boobs are just bigger. Hm. 

How Far along: 10 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain: -2

Maternity clothes: On occasion I break out the pants, but in general that rubber band is doing a great job holding up my pants.

Sleep: Yes, please. All I can get and more. And I must keep that pillow between my knees or things hurt when I wake up.

Best Moment this week: J telling C and I that the baby is a "sister" and trying to go to the garage to get in the car to go get his sister. I explained that we couldn't go get the baby yet.

Movement: N/A

Gender: Girl?

Labor signs: N/A

Belly button: In

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: pancakes, french toast, chicken salad, vegetable or minestrone soup. OMG Chicken salad. Mmm. I had a dream in which I craved Taco Bell. EW. No specific aversions, really.

What I miss: Feeling normal.

Stretch Marks: No new ones but my old ones are definitely easier to see as my belly distends.

What is different this time around: I'm *mostly* (knock on wood) over morning sickness, despite my horrendous week last week. The past couple days I've felt icky but not terrible, but I was still pretty pukey and miserable with J until 15 weeks. Spreading hips (or maybe they're already spread...). My belly is definitely stretching and achy at times, which I don't remember happening yet at this point with J. Oh, and my boobs are already bigger. I didn't go up at all with J until 13 weeks...I'm already up (at least) one cup size. Oy.

What I am looking forward to this week: Appointment on Wednesday with my midwives! Yay! Hopefully I'll get to hear the heartbeat! That would be awesome. Also looking forward to the continuing downfall of morning sickness.

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