Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Sweet/Silly that is My Son

I somehow injured my left ankle about a week ago. I'm not really sure what I did, but it's a bit sore and tender, especially when I'm on my feet a lot. Anyway, while J was taking his bath last night I asked if he minded if I put my feet in with him. He didn't mind. In fact, he very nicely washed my feet and calves. It was very sweet. He even used his little scrubby sponge and dumped water on them.

This morning, when I woke him up, I think he was mid-dream. He sat up, rubbed his eyes, and said something about "Sharks ate T-rex." (looking around) "Why are there sharks in my bed?"  Once he woke up a bit more and I explained that it was a dream, he was much less confused. I found it interesting that he wasn't at all scared, just confused about the sharks in his bed.

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Caeseria said...

Well gee, I would also find it confusing to have sharks in my bed! :)
He's such a sweetie helping wash Mommy.