Monday, April 25, 2011

39 Weeks

How Far along: 39 weeks, 4 days

Baby size: About 7 1/2-8 pounds, assuming she's gained an ounce a day since our 36 week u/s which said she was 6lb 1oz at that time

Total weight gain: 19 pounds still.

Maternity clothes: Yep.  

Sleep: I'd still sleep better with a newborn at this point. I am glad I'm on maternity leave now, I can actually take long naps every day, because dammit, I need them.

Best Moment this week: Easter was lots of fun with C's family. J enjoyed himself, as did C and I.

Movement: Yep, still moving, still painful, still wiggly.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor signs: False alarm last Thursday/Friday...I thought I had a slow fluid leak, and paired with painful, intensifying contractions that were getting closer together I thought it was the real deal. Apparently I was wrong on all counts. Otherwise I'm still having contractions but they're not really getting terribly intense yet. I keep saying my Hypnobabies affirmation that my baby knows just when to arrive, and that my body instinctively knows how to give birth, but it's getting a little frustrating to still be pregnant.

Belly button: Still in but very small and shallow crater-like. It looks like a star.

Cravings: Chocolate.

What I miss: Everything. Not being a raging bitch because my hormones suck. 

Stretch Marks: Yep, but still no more new ones.

What is different this time around: Pretty much everything.

What I am looking forward to this week: Every day is closer to the day I meet my daughter. I am enjoying being at home so far, hopefully I'll get some cleaning and stuff done in the next couple days.