Saturday, April 2, 2011

What a Day!!

J is at the in-law's house for the weekend, so C and I are enjoying some couple time and the gorgeous weather we had today. My favorite consignment store was having a monster sale today, and since I didn't get many newborn sized clothes from my older sister (and who knows when I'll actually get them from her...) I figured it was a good idea to get some from the store. The sale was that everything 0-9 months was $1 (including 2 piece or 3 piece outfits/sets)! In all, I came home with 12 onesies, 4 more onesies that were part of outfits/came with pants, some overalls, a darling little green dressy jumper, a sweet 4th of July outfit, a very cute one-piece outfit (kind of onesie-like) and a jacket to match one of the outfits I got. My total? $14 for the lot. My receipt says I saved $39!!! Here's my loot, just because I am so proud of it.

After the shopping, C and I went to Historic Downtown Littleton and browsed the shops a bit, and had lunch at The Melting Pot (for which we had a certificate for a free lunch). After our fantastic lunch (fondue=YUM= Happy pregnant Tena!) we went to a local nursery/garden center and picked up things that I need for starting my garden. I even got to lay down (didn't fall asleep, but that's okay) when we got home and C was grilling dinner.

All in all, I'd say that today was just about perfect!

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