Thursday, October 20, 2011

In which I go off on a long rant.

This post, in case you can't already tell, is going to be long and ranty, because, well, I am not amused. Before we begin, however, I'd like to share this photo.

I found it on Facebook, posted by a friend of mine, whom I know went to college. She captioned this picture as "Finally! Some truth in advertising." Y'all know my stance on vaccines and the whole "anti-vaccine" thing. I have to say that what we have here is some CVS employees that thought they were being clever, but really, were executing (haha) a massively poor setup in advertising their flu shots. Flu shots don't kill people. Having death holding the signs, while amusing, is not exactly the way to get people to get flu shots.

Now, onto my rant. My older brother is insane. He is disgustingly religious (I have no problem with people who have faith and a strong relationship with their chosen deity; just don't shove it down the throat of every person you meet) and for a smart guy, he's pretty fucking stupid and closed minded sometimes. He, for instance, wrote a whole book about how Prince Charles is the antichrist. Yup, that was my older half brother. I share DNA with him. *sigh* I actually have him and his family assigned to a group on Facebook entitled "Crazies" because then I can choose not to have them see things that I post, just so I don't have to deal with his bullshit sermon about my lifestyle. I have a number of other rants I could go on about this particular brother (including the time he told my younger sister and I, ages 4 and 5, respectively, that our parents were going to die and go to the fiery pits of hell because they were non-believers. That made for some fun nightmares), but today, I'll stick to this. Today, this brother commented on this article, and then chose to post his comment on Facebook. The article is about a teacher who was recently fired for making anti-gay statements on her personal Facebook page, attributing her stance to her Christian faith. All I am going to say about that is "don't be stupid, lady" but what's done is done, and if she didn't have the foresight to make her profile private, then that's her problem. I have no problem with her having been a teacher, etc, because presumably she kept her religious views out of the classroom just like the teachers I had growing up.

Anyway, my family member's response to the article (and presumably another commenter) was this:
The sodo-fascist and lesbian LGBT community must go. They will destroy this country from within, just like a cancer. Given that the governments in this country have by and large chosen to both sanction and defend such contrary-to-God-given-nature behavior as is displayed and promoted by sodo-fascists and lesbians, the only solution then is judgment from God Himself. And, of course, that is now coming, both from God and this country's enemies. It will be the natural consequence toward a country that has more than turned its back upon the only God of the Univierse, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Mr. Goldstein will be ashamed of his own thoughts, mouth, and conduct in days to come, and he too will face God's wrath, unless he repents and receives Jesus (Yeshua) as his Messiah and Savior.
 I cannot even describe how infuriated I was at reading this.  I can't say that I am too surprised, but the level of vitriol is I have to ask, though, what the hell is a sodo-fascist? The only Google hit I got was this post, so I assume he made up the term, and that he is saying that sodomites are fascist? How does that even make sense? (C pointed out that fascist has come to mean "anything we hate" rather than actually referring to the political preference.) To imply that the LGBT community is a cancer, what the fuck. "THE GAY" doesn't spread like cancer. DISEASE spreads like disease. Cancer is killing my cousin and you have the balls to say that someone who is born with a different sexual orientation is like cancer? YOU BIGOT. I can't help but notice that he is condoning and promoting hate by saying that they "must go." Also, this paragraph that he wrote? That's pretty much the kind of crap that pours from his mouth at Thank goodness I only have to see him once a year.

Homosexuality doesn't come up often at our family gatherings, so I have never actually been faced with the level of his bigotry before. For someone who claims to be a "Christian" I can't say that these hateful words are at all Christian in spirit. He's reminding the internet that God will judge, but he's doing some damn fine judging himself. I almost don't want to allow my children around him. I just feel filthy and contaminated even being related to someone who can spew forth such poisonous words.

*deep breath*

Okay. Glad I got that out. Fuck, man.

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