Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weight Loss Update

Nothing new going on here, really. No gain, no loss. *sigh* Still 3 pounds away from shoes. Still nursing kiddo on demand, and going to start running one of these days. Which, at this rate, will be when L starts college.

Here's the breakdown so far (by weeks postpartum)

Starting weight: 161 (at 39w6d pregnant)

9 weeks (6/27/11): Return to work, weight 142

16 weeks (8/17ish): Weight 140! Reward: new nail polish

19 weeks (9/6/11): Weight 138. Woot!

25 weeks (10/19/11): Still 138.

135 pounds (BMI 24.7): NEW SHOES!
130 pounds (BMI 23.8): Jewelery! (Like a new necklace and earrings)
125 pounds (BMI 22.9): Haircut! Maybe go all short and sassy again.
Ultimate goal: 120 (BMI 21.9, where I was when C and I got married)! Reward: $100 in new clothes (consignment or new, doesn't matter)

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