Wednesday, April 9, 2014

75 miles!

Found in my garden. Transplanting them last summer worked! Meaning they didn't die.

Today I hit 75 miles (on my walk). Wow. It's kind of amazing, really, to think that I did that. I've got 225 left to do, but 75 seems important. 

The "Guts and Butts" class went well last week, I was sore for 2 days after but I'm glad I went. I will be going again tomorrow. For some reason I didn't really lose any weight (141.8 last week, 141.6 today) but I feel great and I had to use the smallest hole on my belt yesterday, so I am making progress. My skin has been mostly clearer still, so that's a nice perk, too. Next week is measurement week, so I'll see what progress has happened in that department. I'm feeling reasonably optimistic about everything. I'm slightly frustrated that my hormone fluctuations affect my weight so much. Every month during ovulation and PMS I can guarantee a no-loss or slight-gain that week. Ovulation will fall next week, so I'm going to work extra hard to have a 1+ pound loss between now and then.

Update on the "No 'poo" front: nothing very exciting here. My hair definitely has more body and curl.  I've had to make sure to use enough baking soda solution (BSS) or my hair gets oily and awful. I haven't really experienced "detox" like I've read about. So far, so good! No itchy scalp, either, so that's nice.

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