Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Friday!

I got some new shoes at Kohl's for super cheap as part of some retail therapy when I was losing my shit at home. C sent me on my way so I'd get to cool off.

I've been better about walking consistently, and even ran my fastest mile ever (well, not ever, in recent history) at 12 minutes per mile, and I ran 1.5 miles in one go, only walking about a block of it. I've been working on strengthening my core correctly to fix the diastasis recti (using the exercises here). In 10 days, I've reduced my separation by half, so that's awesome. I lost an inch plus on my waist since my last measurements, which brings me to:

Week 9 Progress:
0.6 pound gain (dammit!!)
10.4 miles walked/run
1 at home workout (Bikini Body Mommy Day 2 - only doing these periodically)
Nutrition goals met-ish... not really very good. I was close to my maximum goal nearly every day. Also, there was lots of fried chicken. Calorie wise not so bad, but veggie and fruit wise not so good. Ovulation also happening, which causes some bloat/water retention. Bah.

Summary of Challenge to Date:

8 pounds lost (5.4%)
84.4 miles walked/run
3 inches lost on waist
1 inches lost on ribcage
1 inch lost on bust
No change on hips

Goals for next week:
Break the 140 barrier!! This means a 1.7 pound loss will be needed. I can do it!
10 more miles
Guts and Butts Class or 30 mins of Bikini Body Mommy workouts
Avoid sweets that comprise more than 10% of my daily intake total. 
Keep 200 calorie "cushion" between my maximum intake goal and where I actually end up. I have Sparkpeople set up to include my calories burned, so this is really not that bad.

(Yes, weigh ins have changed to Friday, because it was too hard on all of us to have the weekend, our universal weak spot, in the middle.)

Almost forgot my "No 'Poo" update. I think I'm getting past the detox period. Turns out I was going through it after all. My hair would get really sticky/greasy and it was gross. Yesterday my hair was all wavy and nice and not quite as weird. I think I just can't use the conditioner part, that seems to mess things up for me. Today I just did a hot water rinse and have a ponytail, but we'll see this weekend how my hair does. I'm pretty optimistic. This website was really helpful when I needed some troubleshooting support (or thought I did).

I also got my custom dress from eShakti yesterday. I LOVE IT. It's perfect and fits me perfect (as it should, since it was made just for my measurements). I will make sure I get a pic of it on Sunday when I will wear it. If you want to know more about eShakti, or join them (you get a $25 credit with your first order, so you can get some great deals on stuff!), just visit the website linked above.

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