Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adrift on a Sea of Unchanging Mist

Drifting. Floating. Stagnant. Close your eyes. Sleep. Tomorrow, tomorrow, always tomorrow. Aching fullness never comes. It is time. My body moves on and waves wash through me. Sleep is interrupted, again. The weight of my body is an unchanging burden. I should sweat, I should move, but the exhaustion overtakes me again and I decline to pursue activity. Dormant, hibernating. Could I crystallize for a while? Could I just...?

Wondering, pondering, my brain does not rest. Twinges and sensations abound and all I do is contemplate. Heaviness. Breathe in, breathe out. Exist. Be in the moment. Observe. Listen. Feel. Close the world around you. Let it be. What will happen will happen. No control but your reactions. Be still. Beat, beat, beat...forever. Still. Can you feel it? Life, insistent, cocooned in my body, my pulse, my soul. Hush and let it be. Let the waves come. Feel the air around you, close, thick, soft. Hush.

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