Friday, June 13, 2014

11 Weeks

How Far along: 11 weeks

Baby size: Lime

Total weight gain: -3 lb.

Maternity clothes: Slacks and jeans, one pair each. That's it though. I actually have one pair of jeans that were too big to begin with that do still fit.

Sleep: Lots, please. It's the only thing that tames the nausea when it gets really bad.

Best Moment this week: Date on Saturday, sleeping in until 9:30 on Sunday. My mom watched the kids for the weekend. It was wonderful.

Movement: Maybe? I swear I'm not crazy, I've felt very light bubbling sensations really low a couple times. It's not the same as gas at all.

Gender: I say boy, Dee says girl. Because she says she saw a hair bow on the baby's head at the ultrasound. Um...

Labor signs: N/A

Belly button: In.

Cravings: Pad Thai, bagel sandwich with egg and sausage (haven't had this, because in practice eggs don't sit nice). Pretzels seem to stay down well.

Aversions: Pickles, the smell of other people's food, fried rice smell. Coffee smell.

What I miss: Feeling normal, pants fitting, coffee. Not having puked. Having energy.

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

What is different this time around: Well, weather depending I still walk when I can. I've not really been up to it the last week or so. I have only had 4 really bad days so far (though today is not great), where I just feel dreadfully ill, versus just the low-grade nausea. The last 2 times I had it the opposite, where I very rarely had non-awful days. Still, 2 or 3 days in a row of feeling like ass is really demoralizing.

What I am looking forward to this week: More walking. Only got 1.4 miles in this week. :-/ Definitely getting some house cleaning done this weekend, plus Father's Day is this weekend.

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