Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Less Than Awesome

1. Dee waking up from 2-3 am, peeing all over her bed and the floor, and C yelling at her about it because she was screaming at him. All while trying to "let me sleep" because apparently lots of yelling is soothing and restful. NOT.
2. Dee then requiring a bath (her second of the night) because she stank of pee. I was up by this time, because C was clearly not doing his best parenting at that moment in time. J also woke up during this, because he shares a room with his sister. Baby 3 then decided that when I finally got to lay down again, she should have a dance party.
3. Dee waking up *again* at 5am because I "forgot to hug and kiss her goodnight" after I put her down after her bath. At least that time she went back down easily.
4. C being in a really shitty mood this morning (as was I) because we were fucking exhausted. Me more than him, but I'm not going to argue about it. Plus we both had headaches.
5. Shitty morning further enhanced by the battery on one of our cars being dead, so I had to wait until C got back from taking the kids to school so we could jump the other car and I could go to work. So I was late to work.

At least there was coffee left from yesterday in the coffee pot. Ugh. I REALLY hope C gets in a better mood. And that I wake up some.

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