Friday, August 1, 2014

18 Weeks

How Far along: 18 weeks!

Baby size: Sweet potato (about 8-10 inches and 6 ounces)

Total weight gain: +2

Maternity clothes: Pants, 2 shirts, still need to buy some new stuff. Though the cooler weather this week allowed me to test some of my long sleeved shirts, and many of them are long enough to last a while. Maybe not til December but a while yet.

Sleep: Love sleep. Don't love Dee waking me up when she has nightmares.

Best Moment this week: More baby wiggles! And we had fun camping this weekend, in spite of the weather. I took the kids "swimming" in the lake. Which was revolting but they had lots of fun.

Movement: Yep, every day. Baby seems mellow, like J, rather than crazy like Dee, but I definitely get regular wiggles and pokes!

Gender:  Likely a boy.

Labor signs: N/A

Belly button: In.

Cravings: Peaches, cutlets (which must be venison, and preferably served with mashed potatoes and gravy and creamed corn, but really only the creamed corn is essential right now),

Aversions: nothing really new, though baby doesn't really like the idea of ham.  

What I miss: nothing at the moment

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

What is different this time around: Pretty much everything.I'm even less itchy than before! But still a little itchier than normal.

What I am looking forward to this week: Getting to use our new appliances (so far, awesome), finishing the floors (maybe even getting to the kitchen, but not likely yet), loads more packing. Oy. 

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