Friday, September 19, 2014

25 Weeks!

How Far along: 25 weeks! OMG.

Baby size: Cauliflower. I am getting a bit suspicious about how they decide what food item best matches baby. Hmm. About 13" and 1.5ish pounds.

Total weight gain: 9ish

Maternity clothes: yep

Sleep: I like sleep. Sleep is lovely.

Best Moment this week: Gem and Fossil show with the kids and a friend, and making lots of progress on the cabinets. Well, I say lots. Making progress. Oh, and I passed the 1 hour glucose test, so that's exciting.

Movement: Yes. A lot, when she's awake. She was having a dance party after I drank my nasty awful glucose drink yesterday. And we got a box of clothes from 0-3 months up to 5T for the girls (EEE! GIRLS!), and Dee had a great time helping to sort through it. :-)

Gender:  IT'S A GIRL!

Labor signs: N/A, BH contractions once in a while.

Belly button: In. But doing weird things.

Cravings: Chocolate. Sushi (omg I want this so badly, but I will wait until I am not sick so I can enjoy it more). Pumpkin bread (still need to make this). Salami and avocado and cheese sandwiches. MMM. 

Aversions: Nothing new.  

What I miss: Sleeping without waking up to pee at night. Not having this stupid cough.

Stretch Marks: No new ones, yay!

What is different this time around: Everything!

What I am looking forward to this week: Cabinet transformationing, continued :-). And hopefully this cough going away. And maybe starting to paint the walls, and getting a new toilet and getting a new hood for the stove. Whee!

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