Friday, September 5, 2014

23 Weeks!

How Far along: 23 weeks!This means I only have 17 weeks left. HOLY SHIT.

Baby size: Grapefruit (ick), about 11.5 inches and weighs a pound!

Total weight gain: 8

Maternity clothes: yep

Sleep: I like sleep. It's starting to get a little tricky to get comfy but once I'm out I'm OUT. Until I wake up to pee.

Best Moment this week: Progress on the house! But really it was the kids both getting to feel their sister kick them. I'm not sure they will appreciate it as much once she's out.

Movement:Yes. She's much calmer than Dee and mellower/gentler than J was.  The kids have both gotten to feel her now, their little faces lighting up makes my day.

Gender:  IT'S A GIRL!

Labor signs: N/A, a few BH contractions a few times a day.

Belly button: In.

Cravings: Chocolate. Salami and avocado sandwiches on pretzel rolls. New England clam chowder (ongoing for a while, but I finally got some today). I think this baby has a think for sea food. I still *really* want shrimp with cocktail sauce and crab legs.

Aversions: Nothing new.  

What I miss: Sleeping without waking up to pee at night.

Stretch Marks: No new ones, yay!

What is different this time around: Everything.

What I am looking forward to this week: Cabinet transformationing :-).And getting over the stupid cold that someone younger than me that is related to me gave me. It was either Dee or my brother J who was at our house doing tile work. Which looks amazing. 

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