Friday, November 28, 2014

35 Weeks/35 Days Left (in theory)

How Far along: 35 weeks?!

Baby size: 18-20" and somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 pounds. Apparently this makes her about the size of a small chicken, which I find funny.

Total weight gain: 17ish

Maternity clothes: Definitely.

Sleep: I like sleep a lot. I would like more of it. I actually feel like I'm as exhausted as the first trimester again.

Best Moment this week: Selling our house :-) and Thanksgiving.

Movement: Yep.

Gender:  Girl!

Labor signs: BH contractions are decently uncomfortable but not doing anything they shouldn't be. 

Belly button: Kind of like a volcano. Technically out, but trying really hard not to be.

Cravings: Peppermint bark...chocolate... that's about it.

Aversions: Nothing new.  

What I miss: The same things, plus I really miss running and being able to function and move around without being in pain. I desperately want to not be slow and hobbly but I think that's just not going to happen. I miss being able to use sinks/counters without my belly being in the way and me having to lean over awkwardly. I miss being able to put on shoes easily.

Stretch Marks: Still no new ones :-) but that stupid PUPPPs rash is flaring up again.

What is different this time around: Mostly everything. Generally for the better, but the SPD I could do without.

What I am looking forward to this week:  I have no idea. Maybe getting our shiznit organized better so we can figure out what to send into storage and what essentials we need to keep out for us and the kids to stay at my parents' house for a few weeks. Probably doing some Christmas shopping, picking up a couple baby essentials that we don't have any more (boppy, baby bathtub) which we could potentially need before Christmas/while staying with my parents. We also have Friend Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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