Sunday, September 21, 2008

My dog climbs trees

One of our dogs is a basenji-whippet-lab mix (best we can tell, we figure one parent was a basenji and the other was a whippet-lab mix). She is gorgeous, and actually her nickname is Pretty Girl. I think she actually thinks that's her name, but she responds to Athena too, so maybe she just accepts her nickname. Anyway, as the shelter we got her from put it, she is "not small animal safe" in the least. She spends a good portion of her day looking out the window for bunnies and squirrels and cats that would be good to eat.

When we take her to the dog park, she invariably finds a tree to climb. Yes, that's right, a tree. She is very good at climbing up, usually between 2 and 6 feet off the ground, usually after a squirrel. However, the getting down part is not so easy for her. It generally ends with her either jumping gracefully or falling ungracefully out of the tree. As C put it, he never thought he'd have to tell his dog to get out of that tree.

Here is a picture of our Athena, testing out the boppy.
Here's one of both dogs, trying to fit in the same kennel (it is the hound's kennel). The "hound" is MacGuyver, he's a 3/4 beagle 1/4 basset hound mix. His nickname is "hound."

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